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Kichijoji walking guide Part2

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Kichijoji walking guide Part2
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Now we are back towards in front of the station. This is the back street of Coppice Kichijoji store. There is a cute and fashionable light post.




We are now at Harmonica Yokocyo; a place we strongly recommend going to if you come to Kichijoji. This is the place that still has the old fashioned scenery of Kichijoji, and for those who come here for the first time must feel a nostalgic feeling.




Because when we came here it was during the day and the drinking stores were still not opened. There were bars that were open from lunch where you could see customers coming by themselves for a light lunch. That is nice and fashionable too.

At night lanterns are lit, a different atmosphere comes about than during the day, it is a warming place for our tired fathers from work.


Because it is a Yokocyo you would think it will be full with drinking bars, however there are used clothing stores and small accessory and goods stores as well.



We find a retro paper mache panda. A bit scary but also nice.
We think that this retro atmosphere can only be felt in Harmonica Yokocyo.



Going in further we find a pickle store! In the small store we see a variety of Nuka bedding lined up. This pickle store is said to be in service for 65 years. The friendly old man told us.


Colorful pickles being sold in a bag!It looks delicious especially when lined up like this. It kind of looks like a sweet candy.

We thought that what was unique about Kichijoji was that it brings in goods that the young generation nowadays enjoy but also continues to protect the old fashioned as well.



 The Matsuzaka beef specialty store called Sato. Sold with the meat are side dishes as well, but the most popular is the minced cutlet. Usually the minced cutlet is flat and circular shaped, however this store’s is a round sphere. Not only the shape but the taste also is superb quality.


Inside there is meat and onions fully squeezed in, and are very juicy. Every day there is a long line of customers from opening time, creating a huge line until sold out. But I think waiting in the line is definitely worth it!


From the station walking towards Shinjuku, there is a café called CAFÉ ZENON on the side of the street. It is in a slightly hidden area that is being talked about a lot recently.
The interior of the store has the concept of a manga art café, at first glance it is a fashionable café, but it also contains a lot of the displaying of character’s pictures and manga as their motif from the monthly issue of comic Zenon. This place is recommended for those that want to enjoy a fashionable café. It relieves daily stress in this relaxing atmosphere. My recommendation is the latte that has latte art designs on them.


This both has designs of cats, but the left one is sitting properly, and the right one is asleep. This latte art is not possible without the perfect espresso and the perfect steamed milk. Therefore, not only the appearance but the taste is also perfect!! There seems to be other designs as well, so please check it out!! The first time I saw it, I was blow away!

Next we go to the other side of Kichijoji station towards the Kouen exit.
From here, there are a lot of stores lined up the street on the side of Marui, walking towards the Kouen.





The impression we got was that there were rather stores with a unique atmosphere. In used clothing stores you may dig out and find something you like. We also find a cute animal decoration. The face is very unique and cute.


Here also, there are snack bars and cafes, bars to go to take a quick rest when tired from shopping.


The picture on the right side is the store “Kenihhi” where we had German hot dogs!! The soft and white original break and the spicy chili cheese sausage went together perfectly. This is recommended due to being introduced on TV several times! Please try this whenever you feel a little hungry.


This Yakitori store Iseya, is one of the stores we recommend going to when coming to Kichjoji. I too, was recommended to go here when coming to Kichijoji. The interior has a retro atmpshere, and the old fashioned drinking bar feeling is very nostalgic and nice. From late evening it is busy with a lot of costumers inside. It is cheap and delicious yakitori that can be enjoyed with delicious sake! There are two stores the Ekimae store ad Kouen exit store; this is the Kouen exit store.


And also in front of the Iseya is already the entrance to the Inokashira Onshi Park has started.


On this day the weather was nice therefore even though it was a weekday there were a lot of people enjoying their strolls.
It feels nice taking a stroll in a sunny day with light coming through the branches. This day the temperature was jusr right therefore, it was a fun stroll.


There were also people enjoying their duck boats. The two are facing each other due to good timing. In the sakura season the pond is filled with duck boats, and normal boats!


An interesting tree was growing here!! It makes us want to cheer them on unknowingly. If looked closely, there were a lot of trees that looked like this around the pond.


Walking for a while, we met people drawing pictures, and playing music and singing. It is a beautiful relaxing scene. There were people resting on the benches on the side of the lake, it looked very nice. In this park a variety of different people came together, we felt that this place was a place for people to spend their time their way.

Next is the “Inokashira Natural Cultural Park” in one corner of the park.


We thought that because it was inside of the park there would not be much animals, however there it was a bigger zoo than we thought.



An enormous number of guinea pigs, and a goat friendlier than we thought.



A heart warmer type of Capybara was very popular and was a crowd of people in front of its cage.


The elephant Hanako-chan. Hanako was the first elephant that came to Japan after the war and has been raised and loved in this park since 1954. She was brought to Japan due to the children wanting to see a real elephant. She was born in 1947 therefore is 64 years old!! Very long-living!! We wish her a long continuous living!!


Others there were corners where you could hear the sounds of the wild birds chirping, places where Tsubaki and Rhododendrons planted; we felt that this park had a more calming atmosphere that always focuses on the natural park rather than the other normal zoos. The entrance fee is cheap, and is good to go to from a stroll at the park!!
Walking along the park for a while we arrive at “Mitaka-no-mori Gibli Museum”. All Japanese people would know, there displays work that has to do with the Gibli anime.


On our way we find a small street. It seems as if we enter into the street we would be able to go into the world of Gibli. To imagine what was beyond was fun.
It is as if this is not Tokyo.

We are almost there!!


Taking a stroll in this street was also nice. The streets to the Gibli museum were enjoyable itself.



We are here!!


Unfortunately the Gibli museum is all reservations due to its popularity. Furthermore this day was closed due to the museum’s conditions. This is what it looks like from outside.
Totoro was taking a small peak from the window.


The buildings and designs are very Gibli-like. I want to live in this house.Next time I want to buy a ticket, and explore inside!

Lastly we took a stroll towards the station.


We were not sure because we took the Kouen route, but got to the station by taking a straight street.
We found a very fashionable furniture store.A store that must smell like trees.


We arrive in front of the station.

If we walk further ahead we will arrive at the Gibli museum and the natural cultural park. It felt very mysterious being surrounded by trees one minute then being surrounded by shops the next.

And now the Kichijoji stroll comes to an end.

As you walk, you can find new findings.
Walking in Kichijoji, the warm heart of the people that live in the developed busy parts, and also felt their close connection with the town. Especially this place is, evolving new things while protecting the old fashioned scenery.
As you walk you may find more and more interesting findings.
Please feel different feelings as you take a stroll as well.

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